Expariate Management


“Sharing expert knowledge globally”

Hotjobs Africa is Ghana’s leading relocation and expatriate management specialist. Whether you need help with human resource, international payroll, tax compliance, immigration, visas, accommodation, cultural adaptability orientation or any other aspect of international relocation we are your one stop shop for finding all your solutions. When you engage in our services, you will rest assured that all expatriates arriving for contracts within Ghana shall have all accommodation and transportation needs for the staff and their families catered for.

We give you professional support to find the right person for expatriation both internally and externally to make your project successful, design of delegation agreements including benefits package, Expat tax consultancy in Ghana and the corresponding country of delegation in order to make to delegation most effective.

We also provide in-house concierge services for such staff in order to make life easier for the employing company.

  • Sourcing of accommodation for expatriate staff and their families
  • Rental of vehicles
  • Aiding expatriate families source schools for their wards
  • General concierge services