Recruitment and Placement


Based on the needs of ORGANISATIONS that are to be met, we either maintain;

  1. The existing workforce per your consideration or
  2. Engage new workforce or
  3. Blend the existing with a new breed.

All these decisions shall be taken in consultation with your management to enhance performance.

Why maintain the current workforce?

  1. They have the readily available skills, knowledge and experiences that your organization needs.
  2. They are already accustomed to your organization’s culture.

Why engage new workforce?

  1. To avoid inbreeding of bad habits that lower productivity.
  2. When the present workforce lacks the requisite skills to achieve targets.
  3. To get rid of non-performing staff

Why engage new workforce?

  1. To deal with complacent and recalcitrant staff
  2. To dilute the negative powers of employees
  3. To ensure that more people are trained to perform

We recommend taking off some existing staff and adding new staff to maximize productivity.

We would have an Outsourcing Business Partner [On-Site Manager] who is our staff to do the daily management of the casual staff. He shall work with your organization’s managers/ supervisors to ensure that rules, regulations and policies influencing our work are adhered to. He/She will serve as the intermediary between BD ASSOCIATES


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