Staff Busing


“Matching the right professional to the right job”

Staff are one of the most important element for every organization thus providing them with shuttle services will have an indirect positive impact on their performance hence increase in productivity.

Hotjobs Africa goes the extra mile to transport outsourced and internal staff as an added service to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency of staff. This service thus relieves the clients from the burden of dealing with lateness, unruly drivers, fuel problems, vehicle maintenance and staff fatigue due to transportation pressures.

Hotjobs Africa staff shuttle services seeks the comfort of the outsourced and internal staff. No matter where you live, Hotjobs Africa will ensure that you arrive both at work and home comfortably and always on time before commencement of work.

– Increased staff productivity & general well-being
Our shuttle service gives company staff some time to prepare for the day ahead, whether that is a chance to rest and relax, check email, chat with colleges on board or catch up with current affairs. They arrive at work already transitioned to quickly work.

– Company incentive for recruiting and retention
Our shuttle service helps in reducing turnover; a company shuttle is a great differentiating factor. In addition to the health and wellness benefits staff save money on fuel and vehicle costs, which is money in their pockets.

– Stronger workplace satisfaction and corporate identity
Be known as a great place to work, one that cares about their employees and supports the work-life balance. Employees also get to know one another better, including coworkers outside their normal work sphere, helping them feel more connected and fostering a sense of teamwork. There are a lot of benefits to loyal employees!


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