It is a character or an attitude needed and essential in every aspect of life

  • It is the principal qualification for every employee. (1 Cor. 4:2)
  • It is used to fight internal wickedness
  • It is needed to promote effective teamwork
  • To build a large and successful business
  • It is needed for the longevity of the business

The Culture of Allegiance

  • Allegiance simply means committed to a course.
  • Abiding to the rules and regulations of the group.

How to promote Loyalty

  • Angry countenance
  • Constant pruning ( 1 Cor. 5:6)
  • The key of working with loyal people
  • Teaching colleagues against disloyalty

Stages of Disloyalty

  • The Critical stage ( 2 Sam. 15 :3)
  • The Political stage ( 2 Sam 15:6)
  • The Deception stage
  • Open- rebellion stage
  • Execution stage

Signs of Disloyalty

  • Someone who disappoints in times of pressure or crisis.
  • A hurt or wounded person who has not recovered from their hurt.
  • A person who gives excuses and continually justifies himself
  • People who are not willing and ready to do menial job.
  • People who are not ready to be trained and re-train on the job

How to become Loyal

  • Be a good ambassador
  • Never withhold information
  • Ensure that everything is well with your Head
  • Do not become a receiver of complaints