Labour Outsourcing and Payroll Management

We are the industry’s specialists in human resource (skilled / unskilled) management. The company’s dedication in this field is to allow organizations and industry managers focus on strategic thinking, process re-engineering and managing trade partner relationships to compete and optimize productivity.

As it is a shift in responsibility to our expert hands the following are assured in return:

i. Allows your MANAGEMENT team to concentrate on major strategies for improved performance.

ii. Challenges associated with SALARIES, SSNIT, PAYE and other staff costs are off your shoulders.

iii. The pre-financing module selected by your company cushions your working capital to allow later payment without any additional costs as compared to bank loans/ overdrafts.

iv. Issues relating to punctuality are dealt with as competent monitoring and support systems are put in place.


Based on the needs of your MANAGEMENT that are to be solved in exceeding expectations, we either maintain;

i. The existing workforce per your consideration or

ii. Engage new work force or

iii. Blend the existing staff with new but trained staff

All these decisions shall be taken in consultation with your management to enhance performance
Maintaining the current workforce

i. They have the readily available skills, knowledge and experiences that your organization needs.

ii. They are already accustomed to your organization’s culture.

Engage new workforce

i. To avoid inbreeding of bad habits that lower productivity.

ii. When the present workforce lacks the requisite skills to achieve targets.

iii. To get rid of non-performing staff

Blending new with old staff

i. To deal with complacent recalcitrant staff

ii. To dilute the negative powers of employees

iii. To ensure that more people are trained to perform

We would have an On-Site Manager who is our staff to do the daily management of the contingent staff. He shall work with your organization’s managers/ supervisors to ensure that rules, regulations and policies influencing our work are adhered to. He/She shall also interact with the workers daily to iron out any differences.


All local and international laws and regulations affecting our operations are respected. In our Outsourcing we embrace and practice Ubuntu Principle which states that “I am what I am because of who we all are”. Per this belief we seek the greater good of Outsourced Staff in the following directions:

i. No reduction in wage/ salary and benefits

ii. Salary and benefits structures are done in consultation of our Partner Organization

iii. Personal development training workshops/ seminars/conferences are organized for our Outsourced Staff quarterly.

iv. Welfare benefits for outsourced staff

v. If it’s a long term contract, access to annual leave with other benefits

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