Ownership Mentality

  • I don’t have a certificate of ownership neither do I own shares nor sign the cheques in the organization but it depends entirely on me
  • I’m not a blood relative of the owner but a blood relative of the business,
  • The success of the business and its clients mean more than anything else in the office, put aside all emotions and do business for success
  • I prioritize the business and its survival in any decision I make






Consumer: They come to take all they can get or find

  Browser: They pass through the place

  Scammers: They come looking for things to steal, ideas, money, documents etc.

  Chillers: They see everything as a party and so is work

  Contributors: They come to add to what is already available at their convenience

  Higher Purpose: They want their work to make a difference in the live of others

  The Malcontent: They would rather grumble here than go elsewhere. Nothing makes them happy!

  Owners: They think like Owners