Recruitment and Placement

We are the industry’s specialists in human resource (skilled / unskilled) management. The company’s dedication in this field is to allow organizations and industry managers focus on strategic thinking, process re-engineering and managing trade partner relationships to compete and optimize productivity.

Benefits of our recruitmet services
Time is a valuable resource. Productive time is money. While you will give your employee at least two weeks to resign, your worker may decide to quit on the spot or conditions may require that appointment is terminated immediately.
When this happens, you may want to replace quickly to continue with service or production. While it can take a month or more to fill a vacancy successfully, Hotjobs Africa on the other hand can assist you replace candidates with speed. i.e. between 24 to 72 hours. Save productive time. Use Hotjobs Africa!
Human Resource and administrative functions are very broad and can become volatile.
In today’s economies, where job opportunities are very scarce and people apply for jobs they are not qualified for, why do you have to spend days going through hundreds of unqualified Resumes or CVs to seek a handful of appropriate candidates to pre-screen and interview?
Hotjobs Africa will simply send you qualified candidates (who have been pre-screened, interviewed and have undergone background and reference checks) to choose the best candidate to fill the vacancy. Don’t Waste Energy! Use Hotjobs Africa.
Have you considered how much money you will have to pay for Job Ads in the newspapers, Internet portals, and other professional social Media and Job Boards?
Have you considered the cost associated with pre-screening, aptitude assessments, text message or phone call interview schedules and the amount or token you will want to give to resource persons on your interview board?
Have you also considered the cycle you may have to go through should the candidate quit the appointment within probation period?
Hotjobs Africa can save you more than half of the costs involved in placing job ads, conducting background and reference checks, assessment test, etc…
Hotjobs Africa will also give you equal replacement should the candidates quit job within 3months of the probation period without a fee. Money is scarce, save it!
Save Productive time! Save Energy! Save Money! Use Hotjobs Human Resource Solutions for your RECRUITMENT AND PLACEMENTS.
Don’t hire a trickster! Be secured, have Peace of Mind and concentrate on other CORE HR functions

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